Best WordPress CDN for 2018

The search for performance has probably already led you to choose good WordPress hosting. To make your site even faster, you have to go through a CDN in order to bring your content closer to your users. Discover immediately the ranking of the best CDN for WordPress.

The best CDN WordPress for 2018

Name JetPack
WordPress CDN
WordPress CDN
Microsoft Azure
WordPress CDN
WordPress CDN
WordPress CDN
WordPress CDN
Price Consult Consult Consult Consult Consult Consult
WordPress Support
Advanced security
Data Centers N/A 25+ 30+ 45+ 20+ 40+
Purge Instant N/A
Real time stats
Support 24/7
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As I said in the introduction, if you want a WordPress site even faster, but also more secure and able to support a much larger load, then the use of a CDN for WordPress is an option to seriously consider.

Let’s discover together the different types of services, but also the benefits of a CDN for WordPress in 2018.

You want to reduce the loading time of your WordPress site while making it faster? So you are in the right place for that.

What is a CDN?

CDN is an acronym for Content Delivery Network . In good French, we could translate this into Content Distribution Network . That said, we use the services of a CDN to rely on its network of servers scattered around the world to serve the static files of your site at lightning speed. By static content we talk about the images of videos but also all the script and all that constitutes the cosmetic part of your WordPress site.

As we have just seen, unlike a WordPress hosting, the best CDN service providers have their servers all around the world, unlike your server hosting your WordPress site that is in one place in the world. The idea of ​​CDN is to copy all your static files to the entire content distribution network. Depending on the geographic location from which your user logs in, static data will be provided from the nearest CDN server. In other words, if your site is hosted in France and consulted in New York, then a New York State CDN server will serve the content. It will be much faster than sending data across the Atlantic Ocean.

The use of a CDN does not release you from using a hosting for your WordPress site. On the contrary, you will still need to host your non-static files and your database on a web hosting. These two services work together afterwards.

What are the benefits of using a CDN?

Increase the speed of your WordPress site. That’s the only real reason to use a CDN, win the race at the speed of display. Loading speed, or at least perception, is a key factor in increasing the user experience. But it is far from being the only variable on which decreases the loading time of its site. Indeed, this significantly increases the conversion rate and decreases the rebound rate just as much. When you have an eCommerce site and you invest in a good WooCommerce hosting, you still have to save time in order to increase your turnover. After 2 seconds (only) of loading time, every second, the site loses 20% of its visitors and potential customers …

In addition to this, Google now uses the site load speed to influence the placement of the site in the search engine results. Improve the loading time of your WordPress site, so it is good to its natural SEO. So we can say, the CDN is good for SEO.

Internet operating mainly on a point-to-point system, whose sole purpose is to pass data packets no matter where they come from, does not care about the place. A CDN is based on the same point-to-point principle, but by bringing the servers closer to the clients. Thus, information posted on a CDN will be replicated across your service provider’s entire infrastructure. This infrastructure is itself high level with high-performance cache systems, load balancing at all stages, QOS, advanced packet routing …

Focus on CDN providers

Find out in summary the CDN service providers that were selected for this comparison on CDN solutions for WordPress.

JetPack: 200% CDN WordPress

In summary: JetPack offers a CDN fully integrated with WordPress called photo photon. This service is included in JetPack for free and you will enjoy a CDN for your site in one click and without the need for development. Best of all, this CDN will reprocess your images in order to optimize the weight.

JetPack is the Automattic supported CDN behind
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JetPack, your WordPress CDN
from $0/GB

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KeyCDN: Simple and powerful

In summary: KeyCDN offers you a fast, secure, high performance CDN while maintaining perfect control of the whole. KeyCDN integrates very easily with a WordPres site thanks to its plugin specially developed for us, WordPress users. This CdN will allow you to deploy a large number of innovative technologies.

HTTP / 2, HPACK Compression, Cross-origin resource sharing: Say hello to advanced features.
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KeyCDN, your WordPress CDN
from $0,09/GB

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Azure: Microsoft CDN for WordPress

In summary: Azure is the solution made in Microsoft in terms of computing in the cloud. Azure offers to support an impressive number of things in its new cloud. Of course, the CDN is in the game. Although not specifically managing WordPress, the Microsoft CDN relies on other plugins like W3 Total Cache to support it.

The easy-to-use CDN made by Microsoft
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Microsoft Azure, your WordPress CDN
from $0,02/GB

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AWS: The most used in the world

In summary: Amazon offers CloudFrount as part of its AWS product line for CDN. Cloudfront is both a hardware architecture directly connected to the AWS cloud but also a software part that will serve as an anti-DDoS shield, connect to Amazon S3 or even use the Elastic load balancer. Heavy, very heavy.

Trust the CDN that delivers the most GB per second.
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AWS, your WordPress CDN
from $0,012/GB

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MaxCDN: The must-have WordPress CDN

In summary: MaxCDN is a CDN type service provider very well known in the WordPress world. And for good reason, MaxCdn has proposed a targeted WordPress offer very early. Behind this CDN, you will find an interface made and thought to simplify your everyday life like real-time control or the possibility to put SSL on all floors.

An aggressive price for a service used by more than 6,000,000 sites worldwide.
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MaxCDN, your WordPress CDN
from $0,008/GB

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Incapsula: The CDN that secures

In summary: Incapsula is a solution proposed by Imperva. It’s a little 5-legged sheep from a CDN point of view. To put it simply, see it as a great alternative to CloudFlare. In addition to providing an excellent CDN service, this provider will allow you to protect yourself from DDoS attacks but also from bots attacks thanks to a powerful WAF.

Get a real Web Application Firewall in addition to your CDN.
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Incapsula, your WordPress CDN
from $59

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And your web hosting?

As we have seen, wanting to use the services of a CDN is often driven by the desire for performance for its WordPress site. But the first thing to do is to ask yourself about your web hosting. Have you subscribed to the services of a hosting provider specializing in WordPress management? This can often mean the difference between a site that loads medium fast, and a site that loads at the speed of lightning. The icing on the cake, some WordPress hosts even offer a directly integrated CDN or a premium subscription to JetPack. Here are 3 WordPress accommodations that you should pay attention to.


GreenGeeks: The ecological hosting

/ / / / / /

In summary:Using a CDN also means making a gesture for the planet on sites that are widely consulted from one end of the planet to the other. To further push your green footprint, while enjoying a very high loading speed, GreenGeeks is the rising nugget in the world of WordPress hosting.

Benefit from the integrated CDN in the WordPress hosting network proposed by GreenGeeks.
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DreamHost: 100% WordPress Hosting

/ / /

In summary: DreamHost is a well-known WordPress hosting provider, which has been developing the DreamPress solution for years. This 100% integrated WordPress solution can go up to 5 times faster than a shared hosting on WordPress and offer an incomparable level of service. Need more power punctually? No problem, it’s done in one click.

JetPack is the CDN you want to use? With DreamHost, it’s free.
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from $16,95

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WP Engine: Premium Hosting

/ / /

In summary: WP Engine is a WordPress hosting provider that could be described as premium, both in terms of service and prices. Fortunately, we get value for money, and even more because to trust this WordPress web host, is to be certain that his site visited by millions of people will never fall, and will always respond quickly.

A free integrated CDN from the professional plan.
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from $16,95

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