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My WordPress site deserves a good hosting to secure my work and make it quick.A WordPress user like another 😉

Comparative WordPress hosting

Are you looking for WordPress hosting and lost? Discover immediately our comparison of the best accommodations specially conceived and optimized for WordPress.

WooCommerce Host

An eCommerce site must always be accessible and secure. That’s why we propose to you to discover the list of the best specialized hosts WooCommerce, dedicated to your needs.

What CDN for WordPress?

To make your WordPress site always faster and more secure, using CDN is essential. Let’s see what CDN WordPress it takes your site to go at the speed of light.

WordPress Hosting in the News

Three WordPress hostings stand out from the competition, we present them below. What are these accommodations more than others? A lot of things like an automated installation of WordPress, crazy performance, increased security, the advice of professionals dedicated to WordPress 24/7 but also access to tools like WP-CLI or GIT. You have chosen WordPress as a specialized tool for your site, why not choose an host that gets the best from having been designed for WordPress?

Green WordPress Hostings

GreenGeeks is certainly the only host of its kind. In addition to providing an ideal environment for WordPress, it offers to have a website without negative impact on the environment. This is made possible because GreenGeeks also produces its energy. A WordPress host not to be missed.

Premium WordPress Hosting

In addition to believing in WordPress for years, WP Engine believes that your site deserves the best. To keep the speed of your site always at the top, WP Engine deploys all of its knowledge in a highly scalable architecture and on a constant and intelligent intelligent security.

Beginner WordPress Hosting

Simple, secure and, of course, super fast WordPress hosting is all you need. That’s good, that’s exactly what bluehost offers. It’s not for nothing that bluehost is the only WordPress web host recommended by WordPress.org since 2005.

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Frequently Asked Questions WordPress Website Hosting

When one embarks on the adventure of the web, it is hard to imagine the number of skills it takes to own a website to match its ambitions. Hosting-wp.info is here to give you the information you need. Discover the questions that are most frequently asked in terms of WordPress hosting, CDN for WordPress and ecological web hosting.

F.A.Q. Hosting / CDN

What is the minimum server configuration for WordPress?
What is web hosting?
What is a hosting for WordPress?
Why choose a special WordPress hosting?
What is integrated WordPress hosting?
What is uptime for a WordPress web server and why is it important?
What is a CDN?
I do not see my changes on my WordPress site?

F.A.Q. WordPress

How to install WordPress?
How to transfer a WordPress site?
How to update a WordPress site?
How to save a WordPress site?
How to improve the speed of a WordPress site?
How to improve the security of a WordPress site?
Why does a maintenance message appear on my WordPress site?
How to increase WP Memory limit ?

F.A.Q. Zero Carbon Web

Does a website pollute?
Does surfing on the internet produce carbon?
What is a green WordPress hosting?
What is a green WordPress site?
Do I offset carbon emissions even with green accommodation?
Is the carbon emission of a small site really important?
How to have a WordPress site low in carbon emissions?
Green Hosting and SEO?
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The CDN it takes for your WordPress

Owning a specially designed hosting for WordPress is obvious when looking for serenity and quality of service. In order to take another step in the speed of loading your WordPress site, using a CDN can be extremely useful and powerful. We have selected three CDN providers for WordPress that offer the speed of their networks, but also the security or automatic optimization of the weight of your images. A CDN is an indispensable companion to any successful WordPress hosting.

The popular WordPress CDN

In terms of notoriety in the world of CDN for WordPress, if there is one actor who pulls out of the game it is MaxCDN. For years, it targets WordPress users by offering both a plugin that interfaces with its CDN system for easy access to its services. Very attractive services both in terms of price and performance.

The CDN that secures

A CDN allows you both to offer a reduced distance between the user and your website but also to secure access. Imperva has made a specialization in the CDN sector offering to secure the whole with a high-performance WAF and anti-DDoS competition. What to offer both performance and security to your WordPress site.

Le CDN WordPress par excellence

JetPack is a plugin offered by Automattic, the company that sponsors the most WordPress. JetPack offers a very large number of features. As part of these features, we will find photon, which is the CDN part of JetPack. But photon does not behave like all CDNs, it will also help you to automatically maximize the weight of your images.

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WordPress hosting, what is it?

Hosting a website is implicitly the same idea as wishing to put on line his website, whether it is done with WordPress or not. This often in order to make it accessible to the whole world. A web hosting is a server on which we will deposit our data (in the form of files or databases). This server is always connected to the internet for permanent accessibility of your website.

WordPress is developed from technologies that make the search for a web hosting very simple. It is enough that your host supports both PHP and MySQL. the least we can say is that this type of accommodation runs the streets.

If WordPress can be satisfied with little, it is also flourishing on environments both cut for performance and security. Your WordPress site deserves to run as fast as possible to make it much more enjoyable for everyone, starting with you, its administrator. The performance component is provided by a fully thought-out, WordPress-oriented server configuration. But this is not the only part of a specialized WordPress hosting. For example, you will find integrated environments that will allow you to access a WordPress already installed and configured for you. Note also that hosting of this type automatically ensures backups and updates of WordPress, enough to save valuable time in the maintenance of its various WordPress sites or just no longer worry about it.

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