The Best WooCommerce Hosting for 2018

WooCommerce has become the most used eCommerce plugin under WordPress. As with any eCommerce site, we want your site to always be accessible. Discover the accommodations specially thought for WooCommerce in our WooCommerce hosting comparison.

TOP 5 WooCommerce hosting for 2018

WooCommerce Host GreenGeeks
WooCommerce Host
WooCommerce Host
WooCommerce Host
WooCommerce Host
WooCommerce Host
Price Consult Consult Consult Consult Consult
WooCommerce Support
SSL Certificates
CDN Included
Unlimited storage
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WooCommerce Hosting = WordPress Hosting?

Sometimes I break open doors. I think that will still be the case here. When looking for WooCommerce specialized hosting, we are looking for specialized hosting for WordPress. After all, WooCommerce is above all a module for WordPress. Making sure your site runs properly is the foundation of everything.

Choosing a WordPress hosting is benefiting from advanced features that you will never find at another host. All the additional features offered by this type of accommodation is both a real plus for the experts, but also for the greatest beginners of us. Here are the types of features you can expect from WordPress hosting:

  • Backups of your WordPress site in automatic mode,
  • The installation of high-performance caching system,
  • The implementation of anti-spam system,
  • Using a CDN,
  • Automatic update of WordPress, your theme and your plugins.

And the best part of it is that what is valid for WordPress is of course for WooCommerce. Thus, you will finally be able to focus on what creates wealth on your site: your products.

WordPress, with 25% of share in the world market has become the CMS at once simple, flexible and versatile. With an environment of tens of thousands of plugins to do almost short, what you dream, with as many themes to choose from, it is easy to understand why we can not do without WordPress.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that just revolutionized the world of eCommerce. It owes its success partly for the simplicity it shows; simplicity from the CMS on which it is based: WordPress of course! In less than four years, WooCommerce has gone from the almost confidential WordPress plugin to:

  • 13.8 million downloads,
  • 3 million active installations,
  • 26 languages supported natively,
  • More than 1,400 extensions available on the web,
  • 41% of all eCommerce sites in the world,
  • 24% of the global turnover is made on WooCommerce.

Although these figures are very impressive, it is interesting to note that Magento has a larger share of the top 10 000 companies on the web. Far from indicating that WooCommerce does not have the favors of large companies, this data shows instead that WooCommerce starts to eat market share at the reference in the sector: Magento.

When talking about a WooCommerce site or a WordPress site to host, the criteria are the same to consider. However, all factors are even more to watch for:

  • The performance of the accommodation
  • The uptime
  • The security of the hosting
  • The support

Why are these factors even more important when talking about WooCommerce? Simply because we are talking about a Commerce site. An unavailability of your site for the sake of performance, security, uptime or support is both a dry loss on the turnover of the current month, but also a serious concern for the image of your eCommerce site as a whole. You would return order on a site where during your first visit your anti-virus was excited in every way?

In our top 5 WooCommerce host, you’ll find only WordPress hosting specialists who have pushed things even further by integrating WooCommerce into their offerings, and by offering a rich, secure and efficient ecosystem. This is especially in the optimization of the server to make the most of WooCommerce.

A little important thing to know. You’ll have a choice between what’s known as an environment optimized for WooCommerce, or an integrated WooCommerce environment. The integrated environment is undoubtedly an excellent choice when looking for performance and safety. However, this involves relying on a particular instance of WordPress, that of your host. So, sometimes, it may happen that some plugins are not available on your new hosting? If you have a plugin that you can not do without, I warmly recommend you to contact the support of the host who welcomes you most, and ask him the question!


Although this is not necessarily related to your WooCommerce hosting, it’s good to talk about it now: the SSL certificate. The precious step that will allow your web browser to display a small green padlock next to the name of your eCommerce site. This small padlock is simply essential. Indispensable for whom? Both Google and above all, your customers. Since the number of years we have taught Internet users to be wary of Commerce sites without an SSL certificate, the least we can say is that people have understood the message. Not having an SSL certificate on its eCommerce site is an estimated loss of about 25% of its potential turnover. But that’s not all, Google’s mission is to make the use of SSL certificates almost mandatory. How? By refusing to index sites that do not have SSL / TLS access. Be careful, it will happen very quickly.

If a few years ago this request from Google could have seemed a little crazy considering the price of SSL certificates, it is quite different now with Let’s encrypt. Thanks to these certificates, you lock it green for a more than reasonable price because Let’s encrypt certificates are free 🙂

To come back to a topic really related directly to your WooCommerce hosting: PHP. So yes, of course, your host will support PHP, it is not a shadow of a doubt. But what is really important is that your WooCommerce web host manages PHP7. Why ? Because between this version of PHP and the previous version, we can have up to 100% more performance. Your site could load at the speed of light, just like that, using the right version of PHP.

A WordPress site always accessible

The accessibility time of your website or uptime in good French is a very important criterion for all WordPress sites, but this is even more true for WooCommerce sites. We have just seen this, as well as the criteria to consider when choosing a good WooCommerce hosting. But the best IT architecture is nothing if it is made unavailable. That’s why uptime is such an important criterion.
A site always accessible, it has a cost because it is necessary that your hosting provider WooCommerce put a lot of things in action, often invisible, such as having staff always available, have quality equipment, provide redundancy, ensure its energy supply , duplicate its data on different physical places … and the list is still long. This often explains the price difference between two hosts. For a host, it often costs less to intervene once the machine shows obvious signs of failure.

When choosing your WooCommerce hosting, take a moment to make sure what the host offers uptime. This can make a difference in the success or otherwise of your WooCommerce eCommerce site. And since even the best host in the world can get a comet on his data center, it is always interesting to ask his host what he would do in this case. This is a very serious question, which given the answer will allow you to check the seriousness of your future host in terms of securing your data.

Speaking of securing its data, WooCOmmerce hosts often offer two essential features that are:

  • One-click restore of your WooCommerce site
  • Real-time scanning of source code to ensure that no viruses, trojans or known vulnerabilities are used to hack your eCommerce website
  • Choosing a specialized hosting WooCommerce is gaining serenity, it is undeniable. Who would want an accommodation where it is complex to go back to the full backup of its eCommerce site?

Do we need WooCommerce hosting?

When talking about WooCommerce hosting, we are talking about both WooCommerce and WordPress. In other words, we have twice as much reason to choose specialized accommodation than usual. So yes, specialized accommodation is often a bit more expensive than conventional accommodation. But can a classic accommodation claim so much quality? Then, we still talk about a very special type of website when we talk about WooCommerce: an eCommerce site. Who would set up an eCommerce site so that it does not take off because of an excessively long loading time?

An eCommerce site is usually time consuming. There is so much to do, both during design and operation. The simple of creating product listings can take a huge time. Why want to add a layer of work that should not even take you more than 3 minutes: manage the hosting of its WooCommerce site? Choosing a 100% specialized hosting provider in WooCommerce means being able to benefit, for example, from an already configured work environment, access to development tools that save work days or access to the latest interesting technologies. for your WordPress / WooCommerce.
Still need concrete to believe? All of the hosts who make up our top 5 WooCommerce accommodations offer you a satisfied or refunded offer. This is most certainly the most effective way to get a very personal opinion on the issue, all at a lower cost.

This comparison of the 5 best WooCommerce hosting allowed us to discover which actors are taken into account when looking to host a WooCommerce site. It also allowed us to take stock of the essential elements to find in its hosting WooCommerce, so that it offers us the best.

As we have seen, WooCommerce hosting is a testosterone-friendly WordPress hosting. If you want to keep track of the WooCommerce installation, then check out the list of WordPres hosting.

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