What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world, and in addition, it is free and open source. WordPress is 28% of the sites in the world that use it. This percentage comes from ranking on the first million most visited websites in the world. This can be explained very easily. WordPress is simple, flexible, adaptable to all your needs, extensible to wish and really very simple (I repeat myself, it’s because it’s really really simple;))
It is possible to use WordPress from the big eCommerce site to the little personal blog through forums, community sites, sharing sites … WordPress just knows how to do it all.

With more than 50,000 extensions, called plugins, and tens of thousands of themes that will allow you to have a site with impeccable design, WordPress can become the basis of almost any website. Not to mention the SEO, ability to SEO, that WordPress can develop naturally and pushed to the extreme by specialized plugins.

You now need to find the hosting of your WordPress site.

Where can I host my WordPress site?

Let it be said, WordPress uses standardized technologies found in all hosts. In addition to this, its operation is rather basic from the point of view of hosting. Thus, almost all web hosts can host your WordPress site. A WordPress host is a normal hosting but with a particular configuration.From a technical point of view, WordPress only needs two things:

  • Run PHP
  • Access a MySQL database

Find the list of WordPress hosting in our comparative hosting of WordPress sites.

Once you have set up your hosting and your WordPress, your site will be accessible to the world.

How to start?

An installation in less than 5 minutes … See in less than thirty seconds. This will depend on the hosting solution chosen.

If you choose a specialized WordPress hosting, you will have to proceed as with all other hosts. The real difference will most certainly occur in the performance of your website. If you choose a managed WordPress hosting solution, then you will not even have to do anything.

Anyway, WordPress is installed in three clicks, the only thing to have is the access to the database associated with the hosting of your WordPress site.

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