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In 2020, the web hosting industry will have a more negative impact on the environment than the airline industry!GreenGeeks

Yes, a website contributes to global warming. We tend to forget it, but the use of the internet as a whole is a big source of pollution. The choice we make when hosting our WordPress site will have a significant impact on the carbon footprint that will leave each consultation of the latter. To achieve this, two methods:

  • limit the resources of our server
  • choose a green hosting AND specially designed to make WordPress powerful and safe.

Choosing the first solution will take the risk of not reaching your site, as this will be to the detriment of the overall performance of your website; there is no question.

A specialist WordPress web host is sure to have a web server where each line of code has been designed to meet the needs of a single software: WordPress. The search for extreme performance is one of the keys to reducing energy consumption, but that’s not all. Establishing a hosting service that is both efficient for WordPress and ecological is a real technological feat.

Your future ecological WordPress hosting

You’ll find out by reading this article, finding an accommodation that is both environmentally friendly and tailored to turn your WordPress site into a rocket is not commonplace. To save you time, if you are looking for an ecological WordPress hosting, you have to discover GreenGeeks right away.

GreenGeeks : 100% Green / 100% WordPress

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In summary: Looking for both 100% green and 100% WordPress hosting? No need to search, you have just found the world number 1. GreenGeeks is an ultra optimized server for WordPress, access to tools like WP-CLI and GIT, while having the satisfaction of doing good to the planet

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But by the way … What is green accommodation?

Ecological web hosting? Why ? How?

Your website has a carbon footprint

Did you know that just surfing the internet creates a carbon footprint? This footprint has been calculated, it is of the order of

  • 350 kWh of electricity
  • 200 kg of greenhouse gases
  • 3,000 liters of water

This carbon footprint breaks down as follows:

  • 47% of the user side
  • 28% in network equipment
  • 25% in the data center

In other words, the choice of the hosting of its website has an impact of 25% on the carbon footprint created by Internet users going to your website. This calculation includes both the production of the necessary components and their uses, it should be noted that the creation of greenhouse gases will be impacted weakly by the choice of a green host. This part is mainly produced during the design of computer tools. However, this will have a very strong impact on the amount of electricity and water used, because it is the data centers that use the most.

At a hair to surpass air pollution

Did you know that at this time, we estimate that the air transport industry accounts for 3.5% of the pollution increase contributions issued annually? If projections are not mistaken, in 2050 this share will increase to 5%. The computer when it knows a much more spectacular increase taking into account that the airline industry has been developing for decades. IT is just a newcomer in a way. However, in 2020 its impact on the environment will be the one we currently know in air transport. If nothing changes, in 2050, it will be as much as air transport, or 5%. Choosing an ecologic web hosting is choosing to lie the forecasts.

Choose a web host stamped green

In order to limit the carbon footprint of your website, choosing a green web host is a founding act. The planet will thank you. But concretely, what is a green host?

Renewable energy

Whatever the case may be, the data center in which your server will be located will consume electricity. As little as possible, but it will always consume. The first goal for a green hosting company is to find its source of energy in the world of renewable energies. The minimum that a green host can offer is to provide 10% renewable energy. Why at least? Because some web hosts like GreenGeeks are making twice what is consumed in the network data center. And yes, they chose to be producers of their own electricity.

Carbon compensation

As we said, greenhouse gases are primarily created during the design of equipment. Difficult for us to do otherwise. But there is a solution, carbon offsetting. A green web host must also achieve an annual carbon offset, even if it uses renewable energy. As we have seen, the two are not involved at the same time in creating the carbon footprint of your website.

Low consumption material

In the world of web server hardware, it is very often possible to choose between basic normal components or low-power components. A green web host will always make the effort to propose between two components with the same performance, the one that will be the least energy-consuming. However, it should be noted that this is a real cost for the host. The difference in price between a conventional solution and a low-energy solution that can push prices up to more than 50%.

For a processor, we are talking about TDP. This gives the heat at full load and at rest of the processor. This information is crucial for a data center. As energy is only transformed, a processor turns electricity into heat. Heat is the number one enemy of data centers.

The hard drive available to you is also very important. That it is for the consumption of your Internet site that for its performances. By switching from a mechanical hard disk to a hard disk SSD, performance, efficiency and performance per Watt will be even better.

The datacenter

This may seem absurd, but the very design of the data center will have a significant impact on its ability to fight against its number one enemy, which is heat, at lower energy costs.

Thus, a data center designed to save energy will do everything to manage the heat by confining the hot and cold aisles of the data center or by using cold air outside to cool the computer equipment.

ASHRAE Standard

Heat is the number one enemy of any data center, we just saw it. We also just saw that the design of the data center itself played on its consumption, in terms of evacuating heat. But have you ever thought that the location of the data center can change everything in its energy consumption. In other words, a data center in the middle of the desert may consume much more than another that would be in an old mine in northern Europe. In order for the hosts who are concerned about their environmental impacts to choose a suitable location to receive a data center, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers has made available a global map with all its recommendations.

In addition to this, ASHRAE has developed a class of so-called class A2 components that can cool 97% of the computer components externally. The icing on the cake, class A5 even supports up to 90% humidity!

Eco conception

This has nothing to do with your hosting, yet it will have a very significant impact on the energy consumption of your website: its design! I’ll say it another way, if your site is coded with feet and for example makes huge SQL queries for nothing three times, then your site will consume much more than it should consume normally. Whether it is on a green hosting or not, does not change anything to this aspect of the general consumption of your WordPress site.

Caching is a fairly simple tool to implement. Although this is not a miracle solution either, the difference can sometimes be significant for a very limited setup time. There are around 150 points of vigilance to be taken when designing your website in order to ensure its low carbon footprint.

Indicate that its site is ecological

When you benefit from eco-friendly accommodation, your service provider will certainly offer you the option of adding an extra badge to your website. The latter will show visitors everything your host does for the planet. If this is undoubtedly a positive signal sent to your users, we must perceive the use of this type of macaroon as an awareness that we offer to our visitors. Many Internet users do not even ask about the pollution because of the internet. Internet is virtual after all. Thanks to these macaroons, web users will see that if green web hosting is needed, then there is pollution, even in cyberspace.

WordPress Hosting

Ok, now what a green hosting is perfectly clear. But when is it to know what is a WordPress hosting ?

What is WordPress hosting?

Some web hosts like GreenGeeks offer both hosting ecological and a completely thought-out environment for WordPress. But in reality, what reality does it cover?

Exclusive tools for WordPress

The first thing you will realize when you have access to your new WordPress hosting is that you will not even need to install WordPress. Finally, the installation will happen through an instance made available to you by your host. Simplicity, speed and security.

But it does not stop there. Some hosts go much further by making available to you for example:

  • WP-CLI
  • GIT preinstalled
  • SSH access
  • PHP.ini customization

All this is more than just more. One would come to wish that all the hosts propose this base. But that’s not the case yet, thanks to GreenGeeks exist then;).

Increased WordPress security

One of the black spots under WordPress is security. Not that WordPress generally has more problems than other CMS like Drupal, Magento or Joomla !. The concern comes from the global part of WordPress. It is more interesting to tackle what is more common. The hosts specialized in WordPress know it well and offer you features designed to increase your security.

  • Automatic update of WordPress
  • Isolation of accounts receivable
  • Real-time scan of known faults
  • Anti-DDos protection and brute force

Be careful, this does not ensure 100% security. But you put all the chances on your side.

An ultra fast WordPress site

Well, when choosing a fully dedicated hosting, here is a criterion that we expect to find immediately: crazy performance. After all, everything has been done for that.

  • High velocity material
  • Establishment of CDN
  • Distribution of data centers
  • Cache system built into PHP or Apache
  • General optimization of the HTTP engine (Apache or NGinx)
  • General optimization of the MySQL database server

All this for one purpose, to make your WordPress site always on top.

Trusted architecture

Everything that has been put in place by your host will not be useful if its servers are not available. For this to never happen, choosing a host that scrupulously monitors the health of its network and its servers is extremely important. Make sure a team is always available. Nothing worse than a data center that breaks down on weekends …

Green WordPress Hosting: The Conclusion

It is urgent to ask the question of hosting its WordPress sites from an ecological point of view. WordPress hosts working on this principle are strong can many, but they exist!

GreenGeeks: The eco-friendly WordPress host

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Did you know that in addition to providing a high-performance WordPress website hosting service, all in an environmentally friendly way, GreenGeeks does not stop there! In addition to using green energy, they also produce and return 300% of what they consume to the grid.

The WordPress host most involved in the carbon impact
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