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List of WooCommerce hosting

Are you looking for a web hosting company specializing in WooCommerce to give your eCommerce site a chance? This is the specialty of some hosts who want to offer you an optimized platform for WooCommerce. This list of WooCommerce hosts is here to help you find your way.

These hosts will allow your eCommerce WooCommerce site to have top performance and high security.

Hosts Specialist WooCommerce

A WooCommerce site is primarily an eCommerce site. As such, it must offer a level of performance beyond a simple site, on pain of not seeing its turnover take off. The importance of accommodation is therefore to be taken at its right level. Here is a list of 5 hosts that offer a solution specifically designed for WooCommerce.

GreenGeeks: A green WooCommerce

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In summary: GreenGeeks, the only web host at the same time specialist of WordPress and at the same time ecologically responsible. With a strong specialization in WordPress, GreenGeeks offers a high quality WooCommerce environment with a preinstalled WooCommerce, a WooCommerce optimized server and all that GreenGeeks offers as a quality support or the use of high quality hardware. .

GreenGeeks is also a real geek of WooCommerce with access to GIT or WP-CLI.
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bluehost : Expertise & quality

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In summary: With more than 2,000,000 WordPress sites using blueHost hosting services, it can be said that it has positioned itself as one of the undisputed leaders in the field. High performance servers, dedicated environment, professional tools are all tools that you will find with their hosting offer dedicated to WooCommerce. SSL support is native, allowing your ecommerce site to benefit from it simply.

A one-click WooCommerce installation in a dedicated environment.
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A2 Hosting : WooCommerce fast hosting

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In summary: A2 Hosting is a company that offers you a server environment completely oriented towards the most popular eCommerce solution under WordPress: WooCommerce. A2 hosting is the access to a quality infrastructure that will allow your eCommerce site to offer response times worthy of the greatest. Thanks to a home solution called Turbo Server, A2 Hosting allows your WooCommerce site to go up to 20 times faster.

HackScan, the anti-hacking solution for your WooCommerce offered .
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1&1 : WooCommerce Plug’n Play

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In summary: If one of the WooCommerce hosts on this list is definitely not present, it’s 1&1. Why ? Because tens of millions of websites trust him in the world. To best meet all needs, 1&1 has developed a very specific offer for owners of WooCommerce site in search of accommodation that is simple, inexpensive and secure.

An environment dedicated to WooCommerce proposed by a giant of the web.
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SiteGround : WooCommerce Hosting G33K

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In summary: For many years, Siteground has been offering WordPress hosting. He gives the cover by proposing a hosting thought for WooCommerce. With Siteground, the installation of WooCommerce is simple and immediately operational. It will also come with the StoreFront theme to allow you to deploy a simple WooCommerce store in less than two clicks.

A WooCommerce offer that is simple.
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WooCommerce always faster

As we have seen, choosing WooCommerce hosting is driven by the desire to benefit from secure and fast hosting. In order to offer an ever higher level of performance to your site, it is possible to go even further by combining your hosting with the power of a CDN designed for WordPress.

3 CDN WooCommerce to discover

The purpose of this article is more about WooCommerce hosting than CDN WooCommerce, if you want to learn more about it, I invite you to read our CDN comparison for WordPress.

JetPack : Optimized WooCommerce

In summary: JetPack offers a CDN that incorporates a feature that will be much appreciated by WooCommerce site owners, automatically reducing the weight of images. When we know that this represents more than 80% of the loading time of a page, it is as many prospects won!

Photon accompanies JetPack for free.
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JetPack, your WordPress CDN
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MaxCDN : CDN WooCommerce abordable

In summary:MaxCDN has been working for years in the CDN processing a ton of WordPress all day. The CDN solution offered by MaxCDN is both simple and financially attractive. What to test the CDN eyes closed.

Make your WooCommerce product sheets accessible to the user.
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MaxCDN, your WordPress CDN
from $0,008/GB

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Incapsula : Secure WooCommerce

In summary: What makes Incapsula particularly interesting as a CDN for WooCommerce are its qualities, not only as a CDN but also as WAF. A WAF is a software web firewall instead of hardware. This protects you from many automated attacks.

A range of services from CDN to WAF passing the load balancing.
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Incapsula, your WordPress CDN
from $59

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